Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Song with Game

Especially for this season,  here is a bunny song with a fun twist:

"Little Peter Rabbit" (listen/buy the mp3 on CD Baby)
    (note: the song sample in the link above includes a chorus, which you may use for other activities)

Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"


Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose (3x)
And he flipped it, and he flopped it,
And it flew a-way.

Hand gestures:

Peter Rabbit: hold up the first two fingers only---indicating the rabbit ears--- while gently making hopping movements

fly: extend thumb and pinkie with other fingers down; gyrate to indicate fly motion

nose: touch your nose 

flipped and flopped: gesture with one hand, as if swiping something away from your nose; repeat with other hand

flew away: make fluttering motions with hands held close at your sides near shoulders

The fun twist:

After the children are comfortable with the singing and gestures, tell them that you'll sing the song again, but this time leave out the words Peter Rabbit while still doing the gesture for it.  There's a moment of silence which takes everyone by surprise the first time.  Even 3-4 year-olds will catch on and love the novelty of it.  Older children will catch on faster, and all primary ages enjoy it.  Then build up to omitting the words for fly, nose,  flip, flop, and fly away.  End up by doing the whole song with only the gestures shown, and no sound!

Do you have another song with similar twists?  Let me know, and I'll share it here!

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