Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

What songs come to mind that have earth-related themes?

"This Land is Your Land" Pete Seeger
"We're All A Family Under One Sky" Ruth Pellham
"Deep Blue Sea" by _______________
"Over in a Meadow" by ________________
"Down in the Valley" by __________________
"The Thunder Song" Vicki Neville
"Habitat, Habitat, Gotta have a Habitat!" by ________________
"The River is Wide" by __________________

Friday, April 16, 2010

Duck and Geese Music!

Did you see the story recently of a little duck family in Dallas, TX, being assisted to find their way safely to water? Darling! It brings to mind the symphony of migrating birds this time of year!

This story also reminds me of my sister Wendy's boyfriend, Roger, a big farmer in the Sacramento, CA Valley, who started a "save the wild ducks" campaign among all the farmers there. He and a partner spread the word to fellow farmers on those big combines to stop their machines when they saw a duck fly up----

This was a sign of a mother having to abandon her nest!!! Farmers got out of their tractors, found the abandoned eggs---which would have been crushed otherwise!---and delivered them to Roger who built incubators and other equipment to hatch and raise the ducklings for release into the wild!!! Wendy met Roger about that time, and she became part of the wild duck-saving team!

My husband, Rick made a video of it, which he just recently posted on you tube, "The Story of Eggbert"!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boost your brain power with these fun hand games!

Here are two hand games, 1. for littles, and 2. for biggers. Give them a try; they are easier than they might appear!! Find many more, thanks to this cool site:

1. FIVE plum PEAS in a PEApod PRESSED.
ONE grew, TWO grew, SO did all the REST
And they GREW and they GREW and they NEver STOPPED
and they GREW so BIG that the PEApod POPPED!

Instructions: Start with your hands in fists, knuckles pressed together. On “one” you straighten your thumbs and touch the tips together; on “two” you do the same with your index fingers; continue with your middle fingers, ring fingers and pinkies on “so,” “all,” and “rest,” respectively. Now you should have your hands palm to palm, with the finger tips touching. As you say “they grew and they grew” you start moving your hands apart, showing bigger and bigger . . . slow it down . . . stretch it out . . . by the time you get so “that the peapod” you should be reaching as wide as possible then on “POPPED” you clap your hands together. Very fast, of course, and loud. [Thanks to Juno.] (The Song Fairy shared this on "My Everyday Magic" :D)

2. Double double this this,
Double double that that,
Double this, double that,
Double double this that.

Imstructions: Hold your hands up, your fingers pointing to the ceiling, as if you're showing someone your new ring!
As you're saying the rhyme, turn your hands back and forth as certain words are said.
Whenever you say "double," both hands are facing out. (So your palms are facing you.)
Whenever you say "this," and "that," your palms are facing away from you. It sounds simple, but it's not!!
You can use almost any compound words, like:
Double double ice ice,
Double double cream cream.
Double ice, double cream,
Double double ice cream. [Thanks to Ciara A.]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Music Monday Magic responses

What a delight to get so many "music magic" ideas and ways to make singing part of our daily lives, in response to my last week's post as the Song Fairy!

* from Kate: bedtime songs and her son Finn's song-making
* from Maryjo: the sock monkey commercial! And this take-off of it that my husband and son did!!: Sock Monkey Sorrento
* from Samantha: Song blessings, and "special songs that each of her children has"!
* from Valerie: the big choir of birds outside the house!
* from Wondrous Faire: the ecstatic laughter of children!
* from Apryl: rocking out while doing dishes!
* from Zanna: silly songs!
* from Sioux: her kids playing old favorites like "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie" on the piano : )

What are other ways that we make music a special part of our daily lives?

Monday, April 5, 2010

"My Everyday Music" fairy post

In my capacity as The Song Fairy on "My Everyday Magic", here are my Music Monday notes:

* Old, lovely hymns from my childhood church days surfacing sweetly in my mind on Easter Sunday!

* Getting a great review of our Spanish/English children’s music CD, Tingaleyo, from a big East Coast music site!!!

* Finding more clapping games! Oh, I hope you will try them! Remember, they’re good for all ages, all of us!

* Enjoying hearing about how many of you come up with your own songs! Inserting children’s names, putting new upbeat words to familiar tunes, etc. Do write down the words you come up with! Then you can refine them and come up with great personal songs to keep! Bring them out a few months/years from now to enjoy together.

* Spring, beautiful spring, beckoning us all to burst into song! Plus it’s my birthday month, and we get a Blue Moon!!!

Magic and music are simply everywhere—Post your comments below and feel your world take on a new glow!

Fairy wishes and music kisses,

The Song Fairy