Monday, June 3, 2013

Everything I Learned at a Kindergarten Graduation


It's that time of year when students of all ages are flying off, leaving the nest, heading on to bigger things.  As their Music Teacher, my students at Mistwood Montessori can count on singing some favorite songs at their end-of-year celebration.  Not at the actual graduation, which will take place several days later, but at the big culminating, relaxed, everyone's-invited-with-plenty-of-room-for-all, balloon-filled, potluck, park-setting, party!  Director, Patti, has arranged this event every year through many generations of families and staff.  It's become a beloved tradition of this Pre-K through K school.

Each time I do a special program with young children, I am impressed with how adaptable and go-with-the-flow they can be.  Here we were, gathered in a big circle, about 60 students in a setting most of them had never seen, much less "performed" in.  Their parents, siblings, teachers, extended families and assorted others were gathered behind and all around them to witness---and hopefully join in----the singing and signing of songs we'd been working on.  I had prepared them for what to expect, which makes a difference, but this would be the first and only time we'd actually be there doing it.  They trusted, they followed directions, they took part, they remembered lyrics, melodies, signs (a lot, anyway!), they stood for the whole thing (12 minutes?), there was no fainting or whining (that I noticed), and the Program proceeded and was declared a Success.  I so admire and appreciate these children, and I know in my heart that they are all Shining Stars! 

What I've Learned from Life & from these Graduates, and What I Know for Sure:

1. Singing together is a Good Thing 
2. Singing is fun to Share with Others
3. Preparing is Part of the Fun
4. Trust Things to Go as Planned
5. It's OK if Everything Does Not Go as Planned
6. Go With the Flow
7. Know that You'll Be Fine
8. Expect Good Things to Happen Wherever You Find Yourself

                    Happy Graduation to all the Graduates 

                        and to All of Us Who Love Them!

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