Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clearing and Decluttering

The image above is one that represents for me clarity, order, fresh new structure, and creative expression.  During visits to our local river banks, I love to create these "rock people". 

So many of us are committed to letting go of excess in our homes, lives, schedules, etc.  It's a pleasure to share what's working---or not.  Recently I got in on a great workshop by "Order Within" facilitated by @Barbara Browning.  We learned new ways to establish and maintain order in our homes and offices.  (For me, a home office :)

An example of letting go of my excess: several boxes of "outdated" models of my children's music albums, i.e. cassettes.  I truly didn't want these relics of a previous era from my career to be sitting around indefinitely.  I didn't want to keep shifting the boxes, storing them, moving them from one place/home to another.  But I couldn't find the solution.  I mean, these cassettes are outdated, yes, but they're still perfectly use-able.  They're still little music gems that surely must be wanted by someone out there.  Surely!  

All of these albums have been digitally remastered and re-produced in CD format, and these continue to sell well via local retail partners, the internet and various online options.  I'm so grateful for that, knowing that these song collections keep selling and finding new audiences, thanks to word-of-mouth and online sharing.

Back to those cassettes---It occurred to me to let my E-news readers know that I was giving away these cassettes to "good homes". :D  Subject line: "Remember Cassettes?"  What a great response!  Yes, many others not only remember, but DO still use cassettes and many would love to accept them!  They will use them in cars, schools, boom boxes....  Hurray!

I get to experience the happy satisfaction of finding a solution to a former "clutter problem", share in new ways with my music fans, and feel joy knowing that these "treasures" are in circulation and being appreciated anew.  Everybody wins!  

Morale:  It's worth the effort to consider alternatives and to keep seeking solutions on our path to lightening up.  And when we share from the heart, we can connect with others in new, rewarding ways.

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