Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You are what you listen to

How much of our lives is shaped by our early music experiences? My children were the motivating drive for the veering of my whole career in music from adult to kid material. They're young adults now, but my work continues to be mainly in the kid/family genre because singing for and with children continues to delight and inspire me, and because it connects me to others in many fun and rewarding ways.

The songs I choose to share with children are both silly and serious, with upbeat, positive messages. They are meant to honor a wide range of cultures, feelings, and experiences. They reflect the tone of kindness and respect that we strive for in our home.

I watch in awe my grown son and daughter making their way in the world, following their hearts, heading toward goals, overcoming obstacles with confidence. They seem to always have music playing--now it's the Red Hot Chile Peppers, David Byrne, Weird Al, techno sound, some original themes, and a bit of Vivaldi. Their choices continue to influence my own in this ever-expanding musical world we all share.