Monday, January 30, 2012

"Snowman" song

Here's a play-acting song, perfect for this snowy season!  Even though there may be no snow where you live, you, and any young children you can round up, will easily get into the spirit of role-playing snow people.

"The Snowman" anon.

Melody: using an eight-note scale (think Do-Re-Mi...) start on the first note (tonic) and go step-by-step up to the eighth note (octave), as indicated by the numbers.

(1) I have a little snowman, he (2) is so fat and round; I
(3) made him from a snowball I (4) rolled across the ground. I
(5) gave him eyes, a nose, a mouth, a (6) bright warm scarf that's red; I
(7) put some buttons on his coat, a (8) hat upon his head.

Now go back down the scale with each of the next words/syllables:

Slow-ly, soft-ly, melts the snow-man.

Let me know how it works!


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