Monday, November 14, 2011

Two significant updates in my world:

1. I'm the Music Director at the Mistwood Montessori School in Eureka, CA, having returned after a long absence there, and

2. I am in between homes, having sold the family home and studio of 23 years, while preparing to move into our new place.

These are both wonderfully rewarding experiences for which I am thoroughly grateful!

At this time, I am preparing a special Holiday Program with the young music stars of Mistwood, and one of the songs is "I'm Lucky" by Nancy and Cody Cassidy, which I'm preparing for the show.  It's a lovely song and everyone who hears it is enchanted.  I've added some minor and diminished chords which sweetly fit my sense of the melody.

If you're in the Eureka, CA area on December 11, please join us for this and more holiday music at the Morris Graves Museum at 5:00.

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