Friday, February 24, 2012

Moms and other Mentors

Ever since my mom bought my first guitar for me when we lived in Argentina, I've happily accompanied myself and anyone who'd sing along. To moms and other great mentors who guide and inspire us on our journeys, I'm eternally grateful.

To the two young Mormon guys who came to our door one day in Argentina and ended up teaching me my first folk song: "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

To my first guitar teacher, Sr. ______ (I sure wish I could remember all the names here, but it was so long ago!)

To my violin teacher at Francis Judkins Elementary, Mr. Moreno, who'd throw chalk and erasers at us, but got us to read and to play

To my dad and his violin, which I inherited, and later, when I needed the money, sold.

To my sister for introducing me to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Barbra Streisand

To my brother and his blasts on the trumpet

To friends, peers, and fans all along the way who kept coming back to hear more

To my college prof, Jean Curzon, who gave me a system of notating music I use to this day

To my fourth (fifth, sixth?) guitar teacher, Malcolm Johnston, who sold me his Russell guitar which I've recorded all my albums with and which has never let me down.

To all the fellow musicians, ensembles, bands, choral groups, duos, trios, quartets and directors I've been honored to play with

To all the musicians I didn't get to play with but who have inspired and delighted and kept me going

To all the people who may not think they're musical but who sing anyway, because it feels so good

To all the people who've come out to listen and to everyone who's bought an album

To my husband/fellow artist/spiritual partner, Rick St. Charles, love of my life who's stuck by me for over half of this journey and who is the reason I've gotten to do so much, 'cause he makes it all do-able

To my son and daughter who light up my world and who've inspired me in whole new ways from the very beginning

To you. Thanks for Being Here Now.  

Who is the first mentor that comes to mind for you?

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