Friday, April 15, 2011

"Grow it At Home"

"Grow it at Home" is another gem from the prolific singer/songwriter, Peter Alsop. Peter's latest album is ripe with family fun and bursting with tunes about relationships, sustainable food and resources, animal rights, and social issues. As with all of Peter's projects the emphasis is on healthy families.

Peter's irreverent humor and openness to any topic under the sun get kids thinking with subjects like asking questions on "Ask Away", who not to trust on "Strangers" and parents' admonishment to do what I say, not what I do on "No, No, No!". Like the giraffe who tells us to be vegetarians----even the lions----in "Stick my Neck Out", Peter gently aspires to save the world through songs about recycling, "Use it Again" and the title song about growing our own food.

He balances these with the tender messages and heart-lifting melodies in "Wish", "Dragon Who Flies By My Window", and "Use It Again".

There are spoken intros and outros woven throughout the album, so listeners who like dialog mixed in with the songs will enjoy the exchanges between the kids and grownups. This CD will make a great companion on the next road trip.

Whatever he's sharing, Peter's big heart and courageous spirit shine through.

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