Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Everyday Music

Happy 1st Monday in October---- it's "Walk and Roll to School" Month, and October 6th, Wednesday, is International Walk and Roll to School Day! "A record 40 countries officially participated in Intl. Walk and Roll to School events in 2009...and more are expected this year. These events raise awareness about the positive ways that walking, bicycling, and skating to school help children, communities, and the environment." Community Wheel

To help spread the word about street-crossing safety, here's the video I did with some local kindergartners and the community, "Stop, Look, and Listen"

And then there's this song by Frances England on her CD Mind of My Own with such a sweet message of kindness. I found it in a review from Boston Children's Music, 9/27

I’m a red balloon
I’m a full moon rising
I’m an apple tree
I’m a lemon drop
I’m a flower petal
I’m heavy metal
I’m two years old and I’m nonstop
I’m two years old and I’m nonstop

"In the song To Be we hear Frances really appreciating the simple things in life. As parents we all know how sobering it can be to suddenly see the world through our kids’ eyes and realize the beauty of a flower or triumph of climbing a tree.

Frances says: “As a mother of two, it… feels really good to use song writing as a way of reflecting on daily family life. It’s such a precious time but too often we all lose sight of how significant it is because of our crazy schedules. For me, writing and singing these songs serves as a reminder that this stage in our families’ lives is golden.”

That’s a good reminder for all of us.

A final glorious note: this song, an interpretation of which we heard performed by our son's new lady love: "Give Me One Reason" ....because it just sends me!

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