Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening your mind to new sounds

Greetings of love, joy and peace! And happy wishes for a meaningful and rewarding week!

On Saturday my husband and I attended a friend’s birthday bash for her milestone birthday. She’s a dancer, drummer, photographer, and river raft guide among other things! We were treated to a thrilling front-row show of African and Samba dancers and drummers in full regalia and awesome, top-notch precision. It was truly spectacular! We’re still on a rush from all that good energy!!

Then, when we got home—-this was the evening of 9/11—-we turned on our PBS station and discovered an incredible singing quartet called “4 Troops”. Have you heard of them? We listened spell-bound to their arrangements and heart-warming performances. Some songs we knew, others we were hearing for the first time. Here’s one of my favorites, “I’m Already There”, by Lonestar.

I’m happy to discover this music and these groups—-it’s not what you’d usually find me listening to….

Have you found some new music lately? Do you branch out once in awhile and open your mind to new sounds?

I invite you to share your thoughts and discoveries here today---and thank you for visiting!

Music kisses,


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