Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Sounds---Nature's Music

I have a new guitar student, 10. She is keenly motivated to learn classical guitar. After the second lesson she was moved to show me a book about birds with an accompanying CD which she wanted me to borrow and enjoy til next week.

So last night at dinner, with Dh, ds, and his new love, we listened to the bird CD for the first time. It’s about an hour of bird songs, all kinds. Then we put it on again….then again, while we were still around the table. By now we could name a bunch of the birds. Some were “song birds”, some percussionists (woodpeckers), some impressionists (one sounds like our cat Charlie). Some are “alarmists” —the crows and jays. My favorite is the wild call of the Canada Geese. It stirs something deep in my heart.

This all led to a discussion of favorite Disney movies—via the seagull---remember that comical character?--- in “Little Mermaid”—and the songs we love from them. Disney <<<< songs <<<< animals <<< birds <<<<

Then, while sitting on the deck, came four Red Tail Hawks flying right over-head, with their unforgettable high-pitched sweet strain. Such wild, magnificent freedom!

Are there any animal sounds that particularly move you or kindle your appreciation of Nature's music all around us?

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