Monday, April 5, 2010

"My Everyday Music" fairy post

In my capacity as The Song Fairy on "My Everyday Magic", here are my Music Monday notes:

* Old, lovely hymns from my childhood church days surfacing sweetly in my mind on Easter Sunday!

* Getting a great review of our Spanish/English children’s music CD, Tingaleyo, from a big East Coast music site!!!

* Finding more clapping games! Oh, I hope you will try them! Remember, they’re good for all ages, all of us!

* Enjoying hearing about how many of you come up with your own songs! Inserting children’s names, putting new upbeat words to familiar tunes, etc. Do write down the words you come up with! Then you can refine them and come up with great personal songs to keep! Bring them out a few months/years from now to enjoy together.

* Spring, beautiful spring, beckoning us all to burst into song! Plus it’s my birthday month, and we get a Blue Moon!!!

Magic and music are simply everywhere—Post your comments below and feel your world take on a new glow!

Fairy wishes and music kisses,

The Song Fairy

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