Saturday, April 10, 2010

Music Monday Magic responses

What a delight to get so many "music magic" ideas and ways to make singing part of our daily lives, in response to my last week's post as the Song Fairy!

* from Kate: bedtime songs and her son Finn's song-making
* from Maryjo: the sock monkey commercial! And this take-off of it that my husband and son did!!: Sock Monkey Sorrento
* from Samantha: Song blessings, and "special songs that each of her children has"!
* from Valerie: the big choir of birds outside the house!
* from Wondrous Faire: the ecstatic laughter of children!
* from Apryl: rocking out while doing dishes!
* from Zanna: silly songs!
* from Sioux: her kids playing old favorites like "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie" on the piano : )

What are other ways that we make music a special part of our daily lives?


  1. How fun this was to read!
    The following is a comment one of my friends sent to me in an email and I thought you should read it!

    "Kate, I love today's music magic with the peapod clapping game. I'll be singing it as I fall asleep so I can know it well enough to sing to Zen when he wakes up. Your staff of faeries is doing a great job!!"

    I agree! :)

  2. Oh, thank you for sharing this comment! What a joy to get reminders like this that the stream of Love keeps flowing----and that music resonates deeply within each of us. Pure magic!! :D