Friday, April 16, 2010

Duck and Geese Music!

Did you see the story recently of a little duck family in Dallas, TX, being assisted to find their way safely to water? Darling! It brings to mind the symphony of migrating birds this time of year!

This story also reminds me of my sister Wendy's boyfriend, Roger, a big farmer in the Sacramento, CA Valley, who started a "save the wild ducks" campaign among all the farmers there. He and a partner spread the word to fellow farmers on those big combines to stop their machines when they saw a duck fly up----

This was a sign of a mother having to abandon her nest!!! Farmers got out of their tractors, found the abandoned eggs---which would have been crushed otherwise!---and delivered them to Roger who built incubators and other equipment to hatch and raise the ducklings for release into the wild!!! Wendy met Roger about that time, and she became part of the wild duck-saving team!

My husband, Rick made a video of it, which he just recently posted on you tube, "The Story of Eggbert"!

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