Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kids' music (my first ever blog post!)

I've been doing "kids' music" for over twenty years--songs inspired by my children, and as they grew, their friends, and lots of young audience members. It's given me such joy to work with children through music. Singing together establishes an instant rapport with people of all colors and cultures, and I love being a part of that connection.

I was asked recently, "Why kids' music? What makes it specifically for kids? Why can't kids just listen to whatever their parents listen to?"

What do you think?


  1. Big fan! I've been listening to Lisa Monet's angelic voice for decades. Recently I introduced my neighbor's children to her Circle Time and Tingaleyo releases and they LOVE them! I hear them singing many of the songs in English AND Spanish as they play outside. Thank you!

  2. i totally agree with these guys--hey what took them so long??? music embraces, and embodies your spirit! you are such a beautiful channel for song.

  3. What do I think? I think it's great that you got this blog started.

    I also think that there is definitely a need for children to have and enjoy their own music. Think back to your own adolescence. Is there a musical memory you would like to "erase" from those years ("Kiss" comes to mind in my case). In today's times music preferences are very segmented and categorized according to age groups and other demographics. Why should we deny the young ones their own segment of the market?

    Less cynically, can't we at least agree that children have different, not yet fully developed sensibilities and that it makes sense to create music to form these sensibilities in a positive manner?

    Keep at it!