Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Early music memories

Lydie Mason commented on your status:

"Playing duets on the flute with my dad on the piano or guitar; watching my parents roll up the rug to dance on the hardwood floor of our living room to big band standards; listening to the angels singing Christmas carols in the Norton Quartet; holding hands in a circle singing and giving thanks at the Monday Club on Sunday mornings; Charlie Riha, Dan Murray, John Lambie, Lisa Monet, Fran Dukehart, Parents and many others in church; dad's 12 piece band (!) in our living room in a jam session..... oh, and Skip To My Lou on my piano."


  1. Patcha wrote:
    "Lisa, Incredible memories of enjoying music at our house: Bizet: Carmen & L' Arlesienne Suites, Ravel's Bolero (where Anne & I would dance/prance around like dinosaurs), Stan Kenton, big band music, & so many others. Dad played the sax & Mom played the violin. They both belonged to the orchestra while Dad worked for 3M & would go off to practice often. My favorite memory is listening to Dad play his sax to Take Five by Dave Brubeck. I took piano lessons for 7 years, & Dad & I would play Earle Hagen's Harlem Nocturne on the piano and sax together. Dad also took up flute & he & Jeannie would play duets together on the flutes! You, Rick & Matt are totally in the musical world playing several different instruments & singing with lyrical voices. Mom played the violin so hauntingly; when Dad was singing along with music, he would sing really deep & boom out the drum beats. Dad & Mom really instilled love of music in all of us. I can't get through the day without listening to MUSIC."

  2. Sounds of Handel's Messiah booming out Christmas morning, my mom singing "When at Night I go to Sleep" at bedtime, my sister practicing her piano boogie woogies, my brother blasting his trumpet, and my dad spinning his old Benny Goodman lps---so many early music memories to be grateful for. Then living in Azul, Argentina, listening to Nat King Cole, Edie Gormet and the Trio Los Panchos, and learning classical pieces and folk songs on my first guitar. Coming back to California to Barbara Streisand, Astrud Gilberto and the Beatles, all thanks to my big sis!

  3. When I was four, I stayed in a children's hospital for a month. I loved learning new songs. Riding the bus to my home, I sang "Zippity Doo Dah" and "Found a Peanut", not only to the smiling bus driver, but to the whole bus load of people. I have never forgotten those two songs!