Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Tips for Keeping Your Voice Healthy This Year

     "Losing" one's voice is the strangest feeling.  You go to speak and no sound comes out.  There's nothing to do but wait for it to return---and it's scary to think that it might not.  It's as if your voice is making it loud and clear (make that soft and obvious!) that it's time to stop activity and to rest, as much as possible.
Silent as a stone, while letting your voice heal

     I once had it so bad, and it hurt to make any attempt to talk, that I communicated with notes instead.  My family got used to it, and I came up with some shorthand, because it takes a lot longer to write than speak. During this period it struck me how much I didn't need to say, and that I generally talk WAY more than I need to.  In time, with the imposed silence,  I came to terms with the quiet and calm of slowing down, and my voice did eventually come back.  (along with my loquaciousness...)

     Last week my blog subject was "Back to School".  The link I'd like to share with you today, below, is all about keeping your voice strong and healthy throughout the school year.  Whatever your venue for talking is, I invite you to join me in trying each of the 5 tips given.   Your vocal muscles will thank you!

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  1. I thank you for the tips on how to keep my voice healthy and strong. It reminds me of Yogic Breathing....softening the back of the throat...focusing on the air passing with ease. Love you!