Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music Memories

The following is from a recent post I submitted as a regular contributor for the blog, My Everyday Magic Each Monday, under my pen name, "The Song Fairy" I get to address the subject of music. This week I had to dig deep...

What's on the music menu for today? I've been sitting here thinking and thinking about what to post today for Music Monday and haven't been able to latch on to an idea to run with, which is a first for me, as I'm usually able to blab on and on about the subject. Maybe a stream of consciousness type of writing will do the trick? What keeps popping up is the idea of coming up with songs out of the blue---those little ditties that spring up sometimes in the moment. You know, like those of you with young children write in about, how kids can just start singing about anything and everything?

We just watched some video footage of our son, 5 at the time, raucously singing from the bathtub, "come in the bathroom, if you please..." over and over and then adding "It is Halloween day!" to the tune of "10 Little Children". He was so happy and in the moment and so full of ----song!

About that time I wrote a song about our daughter which starts:

"Genny's gettin' up, she's movin' around; She's leavin' the house, she's goin' to town!

Well, Genny's only six months, but whaddaya know; she's a tiny little girl baby on the go!"

Both children are all grown up, on their own, and thriving now. I'm so grateful to have these and many other music memories of their childhood. Music memories tend to stand out bright and clear.

What little snatches of song come to you from day to day? What rhymes, chants, sacred affirmations, or just plain silly phrases pop up along your daily round? Maybe some of these turn into favorites and you keep adding to them, embellishing them?

Whatever your magic is this day, wherever music may lead you, I'd love for you to share with us here today----please post in comments below...

Fairy wishes and music kisses,

The Song Fairy <3

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