Thursday, February 18, 2010

Libraries and shopping local

Big shout-outs to our local libraries and all the local businesses who make our lives easier and more enjoyable!!

I so appreciate all the independent stores who make our CDs available and make shopping such a pleasure.

And what a joy it is to visit the library! I love to read and I love to sing, and I get to do both at libraries. Watch for the next family music event there!

Visit the library often, and whenever possible shop local! :D


  1. Lisa, totally agree. Libraries are one of the best places on earth. Borrowing books is so nice (I'd be broke if I had to buy *every* book I read.

    However, I must point out that you're very lucky. You're one of the few people who is allowed to sing in the library ;-)


  2. Che, Aldo! A fellow library-lover! Funny, I hadn't thought about being lucky like that---but you're right, not just anyone can burst into song at the library. :D

    Thanks for joining me here! Saludos fuertes, Lisa