Thursday, February 25, 2010

The double magic of children and music

I attended a workshop this week which addressed the topic of blogs and bloggers, and this being one, I was duly attentive, pencil poised, eager to learn more.

"If you decide to start a blog," the presenter intoned "first be sure that you have something of worth to write about. And be prepared to post regularly and consistently!!"

I squirmed a bit at that. No way have I been consistent with my blog here. Will anybody really be interested in my thoughts and opinions on the subject of children's
music and how passionately I feel about its place in our everyday world?

What could be more worthwhile than the double magic of children and music? The possibilities are endless!

So with sincere gratitude to you dear reader, and with a promise to be consistent, I hereby resolve to post regularly. Join me! Share your thoughts on music for/with children---how important is it, or is it just purely for fun?