Tuesday, September 15, 2009


"Definitely an optimist" is how most would describe me. Looking for the positive, staying on the sunny side of the street, and praising all that's good...This is how I've programmed myself to be---because after all, what's the alternative? And this upbeat attitude works for me most of the time.

But rejection of one's creative endeavors---so hard! Today I got news that a company I'd been "wooing" for months has decided not to include my CDs. How deflating. What a let down.

My choices for how to react? 1. Get so discouraged I give up, throw in the towel, become bitter, etc. or

2. Get back up, dust myself off, give thanks that there may be something even better than this, and try, try, try again.

Giving up? Not an option. Persistence? Yes---The more I try it, the more it really does seem to work.

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  1. P.S. I got up the nerve to call the company who had rejected my material (i.e. my CDs) in response to their offer to give more feedback. My contact, the very kind director, gave me some solid suggestions. The main one involves providing supplemental material to go with the CDs, and is something I've been planning to do. I think the lesson is to persist, take the next step, follow up, keep trying, etc.! Onward!