Wednesday, January 4, 2017

World Peace

New Year Greetings!

     One of my favorite lines from "Miss Congeniality" comes toward the end when the title character comes around to believing in the possibility of world peace.  It's a comedy, and we're laughing.  But when she looks at the audience and affirms those two words, you are rooting for her and what she stands for.
The Redwood forest in our backyard is a refuge of peace.
     Through music, there is so much to share about all that's right with the world----the things that bring out the best in us.  I'm grateful to have family, friends and fans around the world that have inspired me with their stories and support.  People from all walks of life: Carrie in Toronto, Intan in London, Nelly in Mexico, Michelle in Guam, Enrique in Spain, Dina in Ukraine, Kenji in Japan, Marilyn in Kenya, to name a few...and all those from far and near in the U.S.

     Thinking of all the wonderful people in my life as I mark the 30th milestone in my family's children's music company.   Our 30% discount offer on our first album, Circle Time, will continue through January 6th.   Find it and four other favorites at      

     Warm wishes to you for a New Year brimming with ease, pleasure, harmony and music!


     p.s. What's a song that inspires you?  Please leave a comment below. :)




  1. "Un Mundo" ("One World") by Lisa Monet. Especially when watching Lisa sign it with a group of children. Listen to track 8 here: Watch her signing with children starting at 2:17 here:

  2. How fun to see this video montage of these songs---thank you for sharing the link!