Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Music with My Soul Mate >>> #3 in a series of Music Mentors

This is my 100th post on this blog.  It is dedicated to the man I love, in the photo below, Rick St. Charles.   He is my husband, father of our children, fellow musician and songwriter, recording engineer, business partner, source of unfailing humor, and soul mate in every respect.
Rick and me at the Buenaventura, Los Angeles CA where I presented at the CTA Conference 
Because of him, albums were produced and marketed, concerts were staged with ideal sound systems, professional photos and videos were captured and created, travel arrangements were made clear and easy, hearth and home were held down snugly,  business and financial records were maintained, and every aspect of being an indie musician was enhanced, enriched and enabled for me.

My biggest fan.  My advocate.  My darling.  Loving this man is the truest and sweetest song of my life.                                                      


  1. Rick St. Charles is a phenomenal human being. I remember the day I met him. Lisa and Rick showed up at her mom’s house, and they were gorgeous together. I’ve known Lisa all her life, and she has always been popular – even before she thought boys were cute. I met her boyfriends and they were quite nice. But when she walked in with Rick – I’m afraid I stared. Gawked. He looked like four different movie stars I could name instantly and they both looked like they were in love. They matched. They belonged together. She had met someone worthy of her, at long last. He was gorgeous, and as the evening wore on, it was obvious he was extremely intelligent, courteous, funny, respectful, and beyond all boundaries of wonderful. They married on the day spring begins, and it suited them. Rick turned out to be talented, gifted in music and film. He is a strong person in heart, soul, spirit and mind, and life calls for that in a partner. He also turned out to be an excellent father. I don’t know of anything Rick has done that he hasn’t done well. He receives set-backs as set-ups for the next great thing God has planned. I’ve never known him to envy anyone. He rejoices in others’ success even more than in his own. As to how he treats Lisa’s friends? He is a delight. Warm and kind, and glad to hear from us when we call her. He has made my friend happy and complemented her life, and co-created such brilliance with her, I can never thank him enough.

    1. What a joy to read this and to be reminded of wonderful times. Thank you----it means a lot coming from you, my amazing and accomplished friend.