Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mom's Singing Influence

My 86 year-old mom has been recuperating from some health issues, and while spending time together, we've been remembering some family stories.  I told her (for the umpteenth time) she should write her memoirs, and that when she's gone, who will answer all my questions about our shared history?

Brings to mind a song I used to do about "carrying on...when you're gone.." and how "we'll sing your songs..."  I haven't found that one yet, but did come across another called "We'll Carry On" by William Elliott Whitmore.

My mom sang lullabies to us and she sang passionate Latin songs while washing the dishes.  I'll always be grateful to my mom for encouraging me to sing and to share my music and for buying my first guitar for me the year we lived in Argentina.

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