Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and New Dreams!

I recently got asked to join a renowned singer/songwriter at a family concert he was doing in our area. I consider this a milestone in my music career. He’s a Grammy nominee and has traveled all over the world sharing his beautiful, life-affirming songs. Here’s more about him: And he wanted to sing—with—-me.

I almost said no. It would be a stretch for me and take me out of my comfort zone. I knew I'd be feeling those stabs of adrenaline and pre-show jitters more so than usual. And I’ve been doing shows for many years. But then I thought, “if I don’t do it, how will I feel?” You know the answer to that. So I did it---gulp---and am so glad I did. The main reason? Meeting him, Red Grammer. He was so amazingly professional and gracious and grounded. A role-model, a gem, a loving co-creator.

This opportunity must have resulted from the goal-settings and raising-the-bar work and affirmations I’ve been doing : )

What do you aspire to? Do you spend much time thinking “in your wildest dreams” type thoughts? If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from connecting with all the positive movers and shakers in Social Media it’s definitely: Go for your Dreams! Focus on what you most desire in Life! Believe in yourself, and know that we believe in you too! Here is a community that knows the power of positive thinking!!!

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