Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Motivation

I have found two other blogs that got me super-charged for starting my new year. The captions that caught my eye were:

1. "My inner cat" at This cat-loving blogger, observing her cats who aren't in the least prompted by what to do/not do, or by thinking there might be a better time to do it, resolves to not question her desires or dreams but instead go forward as the impulse moves her. Signing up for ballroom dance classes was something she'd been planning to do for years.

2. "Planning your year" at With a 7-Step Goal Setting Model, speaker Brian Tracy writes: "Resolve today to make 2010 the very best year of your life. Set goals, make plans, take actions and achieve more in the coming year than perhaps you have ever accomplished in any one single year before."

What are you planning? What are your dearest wishes? What can you do to keep on track toward reaching your goals?

From taking those first dance steps to mapping out a whole year in business,
this is a great time to get specific, put it in writing, and take action.

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