Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Everyday Magic

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, the Sparkle Fairy and I have become friends. The Sparkle Fairy, aka Kate Street, started a blog a few months ago with the purpose of appreciating and sharing the daily magical moments that unfold. "My Everyday Magic" opens each day with a short-and-sweet list of recent things the Sparkle Fairy is happy and thankful for. It reminds me of my gratitude journal. Then, by clicking on "comments" other visitors throughout the day add their own lists. You can also reply to any of the comments. It's a true day-brightener to read all the things people are grateful for!

In true Fairy fashion, Kate is shown in a new photo each day, and always wearing her wings. The blog heading asks: "Couldn't we all use a little more magic in our days?"

The Sparkle Fairy and her children, I am honored to say, are now new fans of my music. And Kate has asked me to be a regular "contributer" to the blog. It seems it has taken off to the point where she is inviting a few other contributers to share the day-openers. Gifts and incentives will be offered. Hurray for Fairies and Friends, and more Magic and Music!!

Find the link for "My Everyday Magic" here with my favorite blog spots.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing this! I'm soooo thrilled to have found you Song Fairy! Changing the world we are!!!
    Much love and Sparkles!